April 20th In the year of our Lord, 1482
     My castle is under attack! Other knights from our kingdom helped defend our castle. Archers in unison fired at the first wave of infantry. Longbows from inside the walls fired over in attempt to hit other enemies with crossbows. Because we don't have a moat, ladders were set up along the walls. Some of the climbing hostiles were shot through neighboring arrow loops. The hostiles who reached the top of the walls carried great swords, falchions, longswords, and broadswords. Some managed to push these ladders down using wooden poles. Other archers ducked behind pavise shields as they advanced towards the walls.
     A battering ram came towards our walls at a slow pace. The archers ducked behind merlons and shot through embrasures at the crowd. I had a buckler and scimitar prepared to strike hand-at-hand if these enemies did succeed in their breaching. Fortunately, we disarmed them.
     A couple of brave knights ran out of the walls to dismantle the trebuchets, catapults, and even a ballista. A belfry advanced to the walls to throw some hostiles over the walls. Luckily, we held the enemies in their tower holding them back using battle axes and war-hammers. We easily succeeded in crushing their quarterstaffs. 
     The hostiles continued to come at the walls, though none seemed to be tunneling. We used Greek fire and flaming arrows out of murder holes to engulf them in flames. This held them off for the rest of the night. More could come tomorrow, but it's too early to know. 

Drew C.
3/6/2013 09:18:09 pm

I really liked all of your great details of the battle. It really pulled me into the story, and it was also very informative. Nice job!


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