The Manor
March 20 In the year of our Lord, 1172
     I was recently granted my father's old fief in Grantstown. I'm still getting used to being an important part in society, a vassal. Now, I must protect my peasants and serfs. I also need to supply them with shelter and make sure they are all fed. I also must provide 1/10 of my grain and possessions to the nobility and another tenth to the clergy.
     It's stressful having the entire system depend on my performance, but it has it's benefits. The peasants and serfs provide the manor with food. It is even a law for them to make use of the mill. Some even craft important supplies. Without the help of merchants, the blacksmith, the carpenter, the fletcher, the chandler, and the cooper, our manor would fail. Without the barley, wheat, rye, beans, and peas that the peasants grew, or the chickens and sheep that the farmers raised, our system would collapse. Without the noble who granted me with this fief, Viscount Dabney, we wouldn't have our manor in the first place. The priest on the manor helps all of us unite. We depend on loyalty and trust. 
     I try not to take advantage of my rights, but they are very nice to have. Me being the knight who rules the manor, I am entitled to hunt and wear spurs. I have to control distribution of minerals found on the manor. I also have control of all the possessions found on wrecked ships in the manor. 

A very informative video explaining the feudal system
2/7/2013 08:56:44 pm

I really like how you included a date. It is also cool how you talk about how you acquired the fief. You're details really help to describe how the feudal system works. Great Job!


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