My coat of arms
...MARCH 15, 550
Last week my father passed from this world to heaven.  While his death still haunts my dreams, I decided to go through his most precious belongings.  I cannot bear to live with so many reminders of his life.  As I was sorting through his storage chest, I came across an old book.  The pages were yellowed with age and written in a language of which  I knew not.  I took the book to the local priest.  He knew the words on the pages as ancient Latin, a language reserved for The Holy Bible.  The priest translated the words and to my surprise it belonged to an ancestor of mine whom departed this life nearly 100 years ago.  I decided to keep the diary and record the events of my life. This is my first entry....
      I am Sire Bartholomew Umfrey of Grantstown. Kingdoms developed after the havoc that was the Roman Empire. People wanted security, so classes developed. I was born into the Knight class. I own land and I’m in a powerful position. I’m content, and lucky that I was born after order developed in Europe. All my male relatives are knights. I used to work with my father, Lawrence, and currently work with my brother, Edwin. My job is to own and maintain order in my land, and protect the people who serve for me. My coat of arms represents power (dragons), resistance (griffen), independence (arrows), truth (blue eagle), and confidence (red serpent).
     I live in the Grantstown Castle of Ireland. The nearby forest will prevent enemies from invading the manor, and the flatland around it will help create farmland. A mountain will also impede the movement of invaders. This castle is also built vertically so I can gain a view of my surroundings. 
     So how did our family get to Grantstown? As Rome fell, Tiberius fled out to the Netherlands, crossing the Alps on the way, to avoid Barbarian invasions (as he wrote in his journal). Later, the Vikings pillaged the city of his son, Angelo Augustus. Angelo got away in time and escaped to Ireland, but with fear of being kicked out of Grantstown for being a foreigner, he changed his surname to Umfrey. His son, Lawrence Umfrey, was declared to the Knight class. Lawrence is my father today. He was the lord of the manor, but now his job has been passed on to me.

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