Crusader Map
May 20th in the year of our Lord, 1000
     The Christians won the crusade! Though there were several Christians, Muslims, and even some Jews killed, we now control the holy land. I was accompanied in battle with the rest of the Knights' Templar. All who died are going to heaven because God wills it. Several of my peasants died in the People's Crusade through Bosphorus, but now the war is over! 
     This was ruled by Count Raymond of Toulouse, Godfrey of Bullion, Baldwin, Robert (son of William the Conqueror), Bohemond, and Tancred. They led us to victory. Pope Urban isn't alive to hear the news, but he would be proud. The crusade was our way of getting the holy lands back.
May 26th in the year of our Lord, 1193
     After 70 years of control, the Christians banned access to the Dome of the Rock. The Muslims struck back and reclaimed their holy land. We just lost the third crusade against Saladin. King Richard of England, Augustus of France, and Barbarossa of Germany joined us in siege at the lake of Galilee. This was funded by the money robbed from Jews, raising of taxes, and sold lands. Eventually, we did form a truce to allow Christian access to Jerusalem. 
     Because of the land sold, the feudal system that we all know is on its first step to crash. Some nobles are gaining far too much power, along with some kings who have little nobles still in their system. There is still hostility between our religions. On the upside, I've learned about many new cultures. Trade has expanded. I can predict further change in the near future.

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