Riveted chainmail
March 27 In the year of our Lord, 1182
     Yesterday, I went to the woods to discuss what laws to enforce with the foresters. After that, I had to participate in the first game of my tournament as a knight. Thurlow, the peddler, and Harry, the glassblower were there to watch. I didn't win the joust, but I didn't get injured. 
     I was very fortunate to be able to have lamb with salt, pepper, and wheat bread for lunch. Now, since dubbed a knight, I have access to other ingredients other than barley. I drank ale in celebration of knighthood. 
     At this point, my riveted chainmail was getting uncomfortable. I was still getting used to having to wear this outfit all day. I was very lucky to have this armor though; my dad had to wear leather. Because I wasn't planning on going into long ranged battle today, I didn't need full plate armor. 
     I carried a shield to represent the church. Christianity added confidence and assurance to my new position. The chivalry code that I followed and honored was highly influenced by religion, so I visited the church to say my thanks. The organs and bells there sounded amazing. While I was walking out, I spotted a local guild putting on a play about Adam and Eve. 
    Today, I played a game of tables with my friend Kieran, the brewer. After that, I had to practice archery. Tomorrow, I would have to train my page, Findley, basic falconry skills and combat. Findley is my ten year old son, preparing to be squire of chamber. 
     I returned to my castle. I had a large chair, surrounded by benches and tables with white cloths. Oil lamps and candles kept the place light, where the hearth and cauldron kept the castle warm. Beautiful stained glass windows were built on the top floor. On lower floors, little slits allowed us to aim crossbows without us being a target to the enemy. 
     I went to the marketplace on horse today to visit the merchants and artisans. They all specialized in different things. We all depended on them to produce and sell goods. I bought some cheese and baked apples. Because these days are so busy, I could rarely check on the farmers or go into battle.
     Since the fall of Rome, we have castles and improved armor. We have a system of government based on trust. Our thinking is centered on Christianity. We have massive fields where serfs grow barley and wheat. Tiberius would be proud. I am about to go to sleep now, so I can take of my armor.

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