For the past two days, we've been studying Roman geography. We were asked to blog about what we've learned about geography and physical features. This is the result.
    The Alps are mountains. They are located in northern Italy. They promote the development of the Rome because they provide protection against attack. They impede the development because they prevent expansion to the north. 
    The Apennines are another mountain range. They go along Italy from north to south. The Apennines provide protection from eastern invaders. They impede the growth of the Roman Empire to that direction.
    Both Greece and Italy are very mountainous. They are also both in southern Europe. The Italian Peninsula is bordered by the Tyrrhenian Sea, where Greece is not. Italy resembles a boot, where Greece resembles a hand.

12/4/2012 01:06:04 am

Nice job, that was really informational and included many things about the geography. I really liked the pictures too!


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