The following account is a historical analysis provided by Alternian historian, Sollux Captor, in the year 2031.

     I'm currently studying the journals of my ancestors from all different time periods. We have kept an ongoing book writing about our everyday life which dates back to Ancient Greece. Today, I'm studying the Renaissance period and how it affects life today. 
     The Renaissance, French for rebirth, was a great turning point for new ideas and ethics on life. In the Medieval Era, people only cared about survival. But after the church lost power after the Crusades, Black Death, and several other events, people started caring about different things. At the invention of the printing press, people started making books which encouraged learning. Marco Polo discussed his travels on the Silk Road which got people thinking about new cultural ideas. Trade with the Chinese, the desire for luxuries, cultural diffusion, and the church losing power all lead to a new mindset - humanism. People started to value human life and they wanted to enjoy it while it lasted. They studied arts, humanities, math, and science. Their curiosity drived them into the next day of discovery of new ideas. A middle class developed at the paying of the merchants in major Italian trade ports. 
     Because of the invention of the printing press, people started communicating ideas quicker. They had the desire to learn new material and how to read. People learned new arts and sciences that they could build on, and because of this, people could continuing building up on ideas. This spread of ideas relates to radios in the 1900s, the Internet in the early 2000s, and LTE today. Another idea in the Renaissance that carries out into today is humanism. Because of things like the black death, people started to want to enjoy their life while it lasted as opposed to just surviving. They dug deeper into fields like science, math, arts, and humanities. Some people like Da Vinci were almost experts in all of these subjects. This led to a lot of innovation in the world. Today, we are still focusing on human ideas and we live life to enjoy it.
     Since nearly all the ideas of the Renaissance are carried out into today, are we living in a modern Renaissance? I would say so. Because of our outlook on enjoying life, how we spread ideas, our endless curiosity to learn, the usage of perspective realistic art, and the ways we trade, we really are living like they would in the Renaissance.

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