The fall of Rome
...December 4, 476
       To whomever may find this journal, please know that my words are true and the events described hereafter are creating chaos throughout the Empire.  I am Tiberius.  Son of Marcus Augustus, husband to Aelia and a scribe to the mighty Roman Empire.  I live in the city of Rome and I want to create a record of the events that none of us thought would happen, in our life time or our children's.  The Empire is collapsing!  We have abandoned all hope and the city is being emptied of all its precious items.  They are being moved to the city of Constantinople in the eastern part of the Empire.  Now I will describe the reasons for the peril that now plagues the good citizens of the Roman Empire...
     Life in Rome was good. I spent my days watching gladiator fights at the colosseum. In my free time, I hung out at the Forum. They had had toilets and paved roads. The architecture was beautiful; buildings had domes and pillars. Our military was extremely strong. Life couldn’t be better. We were the biggest empire the world had seen.
     That’s when we faced problems. A terrible plague struck. Later, we faced even more problems like inflation and military spending. And on top of that, a series of Barbarian attacks hit all borders. I knew we’d be taken down within a few years. It was the end of the world as we knew it.
     At this point, we are vulnerable to all attacks. We are not safe. It is possible that Christianity will unite us in our time of need, but for the next several years, we will live in fear. All of us are scared for what is to come.
     -Tiberius Augustus

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