The purpose of this video is to show how the social life of someone in the middle ages isn't too different from our world now. I use Jay-Z as a tool to get you thinking about how we actually relate to those in the middle ages, but also to incorporate humor so this five-minute video isn't too boring. 

     For the Middle Age Project, I created an iMovie showing the social life of a knight in the middle ages using a modern day rapper as a tool to get the viewer to think about how this relates to our life today. Towards the end of this project, I discuss enduring impacts. I chose this because I am interested in the daily life of other cultures and time periods and how that compares and contrasts to the world we live in today. This project was submitted on time.
     I liked how I had the option to work independently. I also liked how I could choose what I did, what I was interested in, and how I could work the best with the information that I've gathered. I was able to work with iMovie well because I've had experience with it in the past. I disliked that we weren't graded on our work or what we learned, but that we were graded on a reflection sheet. I had some minor audio issues with Garage Band when recording the audio because I hadn't worked with that software before enough times to know how everything works.
     I learned that I'm interested in international cultural studies as opposed to government or military because I enjoy comparing my daily life to that of another to see what is better and/or different. This also reinforced my thoughts that I prefer to work independently, and I also do tend to procrastinate. I also learned that I work best when I can choose the method of my work.
     The technology that I used helped me gather information (from different data bases), organize it (with Microsoft Word), and present it (iMovie). I used YouTube to put the videos in a format compatible with Weebly, the website which I published my findings on. I also used Garage Band to record the audio for the project.

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