Monk named Martin Luther took a pilgrimage to Rome
Bought an indulgence for his grandma
Saw the poor people spending money
To get deceased straight out of purgatory

A man shows up, who can it be?
Pope Leo X, with gold and greed
Catholics around that are trying to say
It’s all about the church; not the way you pray

Because the Monks in Wittenberg will always reform
Tetzel comes with indulgences, but they’re just forms
People only live life to go to heaven
Things get out of hand and become protestant

John T (Tetzel) in the place, while we give him the stage
Selling indulgences, he is a disgrace
Martin had 95 problems that he wrote
The printing press spread his works all over Europe

Church deems his writings as heresy
The Diet of Worms is where he pleas
Don’t beg me to recant my teachings
They let him go as Martin fleas


Fredrick the Wise captures and kidnaps Martin
Little does he know that it’s for protection
Then Martin Luther translates the bible
Into German for the common people

When he’s released he sees the reformation
What it’s become, which is Protestantism
He hates the violence changed from Catholic derivation
Now Protestantism is a major world religion
7/19/2013 12:07:33 am

Never said this before, but awesome.


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