Map of Greece
1. Geography - The study of all the physical features of the Earth's surface.
2. Peninsula – a piece of land that sticks out from the mainland into water.
3. Dependency - a country or state that belongs to another (nonadjacent) country
4. City-state - an independent state with an independent city and its surrounding area
5. Nationalism – the desire for (political) independence
6. Citizenship – the legal status of being a citizen in a city-state
7. Export – to send goods out to other countries
8. Colony – an area that is ruled by another country
9. Impede – To interfere with the progress of something
10. Promote – To increase the progress of something

One normal day at school following my normal routine, I opened my locker to retrieve my binders. When I opened the locker, a strong light flashed in my eyes.

When I regained my eyesight, I looked around to get my bearings. There were mountains, a sea, and some flatland. I estimated it to be about 80°

I thought about the geography. If there was a sea, the people here probably used that to trade and communicate. Then again, the mountains probably made traveling and communication difficult. 

I thought. If mountains and water surrounded this location, the people must be very well protected from enemies.

Expansion must’ve been difficult for these people, because mountains and a sea surround them. I thought about the geographical features. I believe I am in the city-state of ancient Athens, Greece.

I look downward. I’m wearing a toga! How do I get back to Beachwood! I already miss it! I miss the flat land as opposed to the mountainous lands here! On the other hand, the Mediterranean Sea is kind of nice.

In Beachwood, we had flatlands that we could easily build and expand on. Travel is so easy here.

What if Beachwood was in ancient times and it was settled? I’d probably rather live here. We’d have no protection from enemies and we’d have no sea to provide food.

Now Beachwood is successful because there aren’t armies trying to invade us and we can just import food. But then? Beachwood probably wouldn’t be very successful.

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