Thumb bone of St. Thomas
April 9th In the year of our Lord, 1482.
     I came back from Canterbury today. I saw the relics of Saint Thomas. It was a bone encased in glass with a lion's head on one end. The stained glass there was beautiful. I also saw some mosaics on the ground. Statues of religious figures and gargoyles lined the building.
     In other news, the monks started working on my illuminated manuscript today. It's a copy of the bible just like my father used to own. It is going to be full of vibrant colors unlike the darker, flat paintings found at church. In common, they will all be about religion and telling stories of Jesus. After all, it is rare to see a painting or drawing that isn't. I'm excited to get this because it is a rare opportunity for someone below the nobility class to receive an illuminated manuscript.
     I read more pages of Tiberius' journal. He talked about art showing depth and looking like real people. This strikes me as weird because it seems impossible to make a flat object have depth. He also talked about people drawing buildings and people in them. This is weird because every painting here is of religious figures.

Music in the middle ages was created using trumpets and flutes. String instruments like the viol, harp, and fiddle were also plucked along with bells and drums. 
2/27/2013 09:10:52 pm

I really like how you incorporate your story with facts of the Middle Ages. Your use of vivid adjectives really adds to the story. Nice job.


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