Who - The Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority
What - 4,212 solar panels.
Where - Kinsman, Ohio
Why - Because it will save the company millions of dollars and this energy is better for the environment.
How - Through installation.
What else - The panels have an estimated thirty years of operation. It is six acres of land. It is expected to generate enough power for their 73,495 square foot building, equivalent to one hundred homes. This operation will cost three million dollars.

To read more about the CMHA solar farm, click here. 

     I think that it was a smart decision to switch to solar energy because in the end, it is expected to save them millions of dollars. It is also better for the environment because it is a renewable energy source. The CMHA will influence more people to switch to solar energy. I think if energy is used responsibly like this, then more people will follow, as the CMHA is a role model. In the end, I think that this solar farm was a very smart installation.

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